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Monday, March 20, 2017

The Poisonwood Bible

By Barbara Kingsolver
Lexile = 960

Imagine that your Father decided that God had "called" your family to Africa. You pack everything that you think you may need to live for a year or so, and off you go. Your family is welcomed to a small, remote village with a great feast. And then Dad angrily calls them all to repentance. Oops.

The Price family arrives in the Belgian Congo in 1959. Things in the Congo are about to change drastically and the white evangelical family from Georgia will be trapped; literally and figuratively. Alternating chapters narrate the point of view of each of the women in the family. The plot moves slowly; I had the feeling of impending doom throughout.

The Poisonwood Bible is intended to be a criticism of Western hubris; a cautionary tale that Africa cannot be subdued and "westernized". Indeed, the paths of the four sisters later in life illustrate the best and the worst of colonialism. So, this summary is likely not convincing you that this is great, fun read!!!! I opened Poisonwood on the recommendation of several reading friends. They said that this is the book that they keep coming back to often to ponder. I would agree.... and isn't that what reading is supposed to do for us?

I read that a movie was in the works, but I think that effort has died. Meanwhile, watch a student produced book trailer HERE.

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