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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Storied Life of AJ Fikry

By Gabrielle Zevin
Lexile = ??

This is the story of how one small thing can change your life. AJ Fikry owns a bookstore in a time and place where people really aren't buying books so much anymore. His wife has died and his life is becoming smaller and smaller. He is pretty grumpy. Then he finds a surprise left in his store. Can't give too much away here.... but this surprise will open up his world again ... even though he doesn't initially want what has been left for him.

This is the first book by Gabrielle Zevin that I read and I loved it so much that I sought out others by here to read. This one is still the best! Lots of book trailers online, but they all give too much away. Read the book first.... then look them up!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Moon Over Manifest

By Clare Vanderpool
Lexile = 800

I originally read and reviewed this book more than SIX years ago! We just received a donated copy in the library, so I am updating the review now. Although it is aimed at younger readers, it is definitely worth YOUR time!

Here's the new Newbery... just unveiled last week and I read it over the week end. Here's the story:

It is 1936. Abilene has been raised by her father, Gideon Tucker. He is a wanderer, going from place to place by jumping onto cargo trains. Abilene has learned the ways of these men, but Gideon has decided that she is too old for this type of life. He makes arrangements to send Abilene to the little Kansas town of Manifest. Gideon spent some time there as a kid. Abliene will stay with Shady in a house that is part church, part saloon, and a bit of a house.

Since Abilene has moved around a lot in her little life, she knows that she will moving on again soon. All she needs to do is wait for her dad to come back and get her. In the mean time, she discovers a box of treasures. Who left them and what they mean she doesn't know .... until.... Abilene meets Miss Sadie, the town fortune teller. Sadie seems to know a LOT about a LOT of the town's history.

This book flashes back and forth between 1918 and 1936. That makes it a bit hard to follow. And I don't know much about my history from either of those times. Manifest is based on a real town: Frontenac, Kansas. There is a little part at the back of the book that separates all the fact from the historical fiction of this book. (That was my favorite part!)

Watch a quick book trailer HERE.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Ready Player One

By Ernest Cline
Lexile = 970

I have started to read Ready Player One many times. Usually, I find someone who needs it more than I do and then I pass it off. Finally I read it! (Got it from another library, actually)

This is one of those "sure fire" books that kids who don't particularly like to read will devour. It's about gaming... a future world where most of life takes place in virtual reality. Your real life might be crap. You live in a stacked trailer park with relatives that don't even know if you are there or not, but in the virtual world you look great, you have stuff and people respect you.

Remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? All little Charlie needed was the golden ticket to escape his bleak life.

In Ready Player One, player Parzival (Wade Watts) needs to find the Easter Egg hidden in the OASIS platform to win a huge fortune. The programmer that has hidden the egg grew up in the 1980's and all clues pay homage to that era. So students, you will love this adventure. And your parents just might as well.

Spielberg is making a movie of this now. Watch an interesting breakdown of the movie preview HERE. You won't really appreciate this 18 minute clip until AFTER you read the book, though.....

Thursday, August 31, 2017

GUEST POST! Animal Farm

By George Orwell
Lexile = 1170

This book review was written by Timothy Davis:

This Story takes place in England, more specifically the Manor Farm. This farm is run by a man named Mr. Jones. Mr Jones is a drunk neglectful man who does not care about his animals in the slightest unless they make him money to benefit himself.
When an old pig named Old Major has a dream about the animals being free from human control, this puts the seed of rebellion into every animal's mind. After punishment from Mr. Jones, the animals rebel successfully. As the pigs are put in charge it becomes a race for control of the animals and their minds.

The story of “Animal Farm” is based on the fall of the Russian Empire and its replacement with the USSR with communism as its belief. Most characters from “Animal Farm” have real life counterparts.

Old Major = Karl Marx
Mr Jones & Co. = The Czars and the Russian Empire
Napoleon = Stalin
The animals = The Russian People

This book was fairly easy to read and very engaging. It personifies animals as humans and shows the history of the revolution of Russia and the aftermath that takes effect after the revolution.

Thursday, August 24, 2017


By Neal Shusterman
Lexile = 830

Loved this book and now I am worried about myself. You see, this is a book about death. And killing people. Scythe is set in a future where not only have all diseases been cured and erradicated, but any injury, no matter how devastating (think beheading), can also be patched up. Think about that. People never die. If a person gets really old, they COULD still be healthy, but now they also have the option of "turning".... really turning back the clock and having a younger body again. People never die. The society has figured out that the world can't sustain an infinite number of people, so they have selected scythes (grim reapers) to kill a certain number of people each year. That maintains the correct population balance.

The plot begins with the selection of two new apprentices for the scythedom. They must learn to kill in every way possible and they must also learn the rules for their new lives. There is a lot "backstabbing" here... meaning questionable loyalties and alliances. Yes, Shusterman's book is violent, but the questions raised by this novel about death, life, right and wrong make it a book I would recommend for students.

Just found out that it is the first in a series... so looking forward to the next one. Watch a rather dark book trailer HERE.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Jenks Student Reviews

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