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Monday, February 6, 2017

The Glass Swallow

By Julia Golding
Lexile = 760

The Glass Swallow is considered a sequel to Dragonfly, but it merely has a loose connection to the other book (that I loved!) by this author. Same setting, a bit later in time, but that is about it.

Rain is the only daughter of the glass maker in the Tigral and has secretly learned her father's trade. Secretly, because women cannot legally learn a trade in this apparently medieval society. The opportunity arises for a glass maker to travel to another kingdom to create windows for the the ruler's castle. Rain's father cannot go and leave his shop unattended. So Rain is sent with a cousin; the cousin posing as the real glassmaker. Plans are for Rain to do the work and the cousin to get the credit. Unfortunately, on the long journey to the kingdom, tragedy strikes and Rain is left alone.

The Glass Swallow is not as engaging as Dragonfly, but it was nice to check back in on the kingdom and find out more. Readers of Ranger's Apprentice and other period adventures will love this.

See a book trailer for The Glass Swallow HERE!

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