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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Appearance of Annie Van Sinderen

By Katherine Howe
Lexile = 800 (guessing)

The Appearance of Annie Van Sinderen is a ghost story... I think. It is certainly "otherworldly". Wes is in film school in New York City. One night, while helping another film student capture a seance for a movie, he briefly meets a girl... a mysterious girl that agrees to see him later and then never shows up. When he sees her again, she says she was there. Annie is upset because she has lost something and is searching and searching through New York City for it. She claims to be a New York native, but seems lost much of the time. Who is she and where or WHEN is she from? Annie is lost, too and she seems to be drawing Wes into her world.

Howe's book is more than a ghost story. Kind of a puzzle, perhaps. Annie never scared me; just twisted my head around a bit.

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