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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I Am Number Four

By Pittacus Lore
Lexile = 700

It seems that everyone is reading this series and I am late to the game. That may be a good thing, however... it is first in a series of SEVEN titles and they are all out there just waiting for me to read each one! So here is the summary:

John Smith appears to be a normal high school kid and Henri seems to be a normal dad. But both John and Henri are actually aliens from the planet Lorien. They escaped when the planet was invaded by the Mogadorians. Did I lose you at "aliens"? Yeah, this is not my typical type of book. I admit I didn't like the alien battle part... skimmed a bit there. However, John and Henri are like-able characters and I WAS cheering for them in the alien battle.

I am Number Four is definitely escapist reading. You aren't going to write your college essays about any part of this, but it was a fun read. It bugged me that all the non-aliens that find out that John is actually an alien with amazing super powers just accept that so quickly and willingly. I will continue the series, but I know I have to suspend any analysis of facts when I open the book.

This was made into a movie in 2011. It received generally bad reviews and a sequel was never made. The trailer for the movie is HERE. Give the book a chance. It really is a fun read.

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