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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Behind the Beautiful Forevers

By Katherine Boo
Lexile = 1030

If you were to fly into the Mumbai airport, you would arrive in a beautiful, gleaming, modern airport full of amenities like any other international airport. But just outside, on land owned by the airport, is the "settlement" of Annawadi - a collection of shacks and sewage - a slum. From the airport road, you will see only a wall and perhaps smell the cooking fires and the sewage filled lake on the other side. Ads are plastered on the walls for expensive Italian flooring that is touted as "Beautiful Forever!" But behind this beautiful forever sign is a life of despair and unbelievable suffering.

Boo's book is based on years of research and I can only imagine the time she spent in this slum. However, she has uncovered the people behind the slogans on the wall. And just as we get sucked into the lives of these people and we start caring about them, "the plot thickens", so to speak and tragedy strikes. Can't tell you more.

Not an easy book to read...heart wrenching.

Watch a UK news report about this book HERE!

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