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Monday, October 24, 2016

The Chosen One

By Carol Lynch Williams
Lexile = 480

Williams is a local (Utah) author. This title has local roots and was nominated for the Utah Beehive Book Award about five years ago. The "local" part of this book is the setting of a polygamous enclave in what I can only assume is southern Utah.

Kyra is thirteen. She loves her family, including ALL of her "mothers", her father, and the twenty brothers and sisters that live in a series of trailers in their community. Her Father and Mothers are loving and caring. But when the Prophet decrees that Lyra is to become the sixth wife (!) of her sixty-year-old uncle, the whole family scrambles for a way out. But you don't disobey the Prophet, and if you do, the "God Squad" will be after you.

The Utah and religious connection here forces me to read this with a sympathetic heart. This tale isn't completely fiction; it happens every day. Forcing a child to marry an old man is so very wrong (ick). As you read, consider your own beliefs. Kyra has been raised in a belief system that we find weird, even crazy. But what would an outsider think of YOUR beliefs?

By the way... this is a super easy read... if that is what you are after!

Watch the book trailer HERE!

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