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Monday, October 17, 2016

On the Edge of Gone

By Corinne Duyvis
Lexile = 640

I tried. I really tried. I wanted to like this. I was sucked in by the first chapter. But I wanted the space ship to take off!

Here is the set up. A HUUUGGE comet is poised to hit the earth. Everyone knows it is coming, and plans have been made. Shelters are ready. Rich people have left the planet in specially made ships that are designed to last a really long time. Denise, her sister, and her mother have been assigned to a shelter. But Iris, the sister, hasn't shown up and time is getting close. Finally, Denise and her Mother take off towards the shelter and find a ship that has not taken off yet. Can they bribe their way on board? Sneak on board? Earn their way through heroic acts? Complications abound: Denise has asperger's syndrome and her mother is an drug addict.

Those two complications seemed to be tossed into the plot for no reason. The author is an blogger at Disability in Kidlit, so maybe she has to throw it felt thrown in. Truth? I didn't didn't finish the book. Perhaps it all comes together in the end. I gave up on page 209. I think that is a fair shot.

On the Edge of Gone has mostly favorable reviews on Goodreads. Perhaps I'm wrong. Has happened before.

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