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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

i will plant you a lilac tree

By Laura Hillman
Lexile = 740

My favorite part about reading memoirs of the Holocaust is looking at the information about the author on the back flap. I usually flip to the back several times while reading. Here's why: As I read about the unbelievable horrors of that time, I need to see that they "made it through". I need to see the current picture of the author and see their (usually) smiling face. I can't fathom how a person gets through it all, writes it down, and then smiles for the camera. Survival, I suppose.

After losing all of her family through selection and separation by the Nazis, Hannelore Wolff is chosen by Oskar Schindler to work in his factory. If you don't know of the heroics of Oskar Schindler, read more here. Along the way, Hannelore falls in love.

In many ways, i will plant you a lilac tree reads like so many other Holocaust biographies and I did feel it was a bit disjointed in places, but I will never pass up a good story of survival in the face of unspeakable horror.

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Naomi Nilson said...

Naomi Nilson 3rd Hour
I read the book I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree by Laura Hillman. I thought this was a great book about WWII and it did a great job of explaining many of the things that happened to the Jews during this time. One thing I liked about the book was at the end when they were freed from the camp. It was fun to read about how happy they were and their feeling at that time. I didn't like reading about all of the awful things that happened to the Jews though. It was good to learn about what happened but also hard to hear about the bad things that happened to them. Overall, I thought this was a very good book and I would definitely recommend it to someone else.