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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Spinning Starlight

By R.C. Lewis
Lexile = 700

I had a student ask me the other day for a SCIENCE fiction book. I thought and thought.... most of the books that are currently being classified as SCIENCE fiction .... aren't. They would more correctly be classified as dystopian or futuristic.

What impressed me about Spinning Starlight is that it has all the "normal" characteristics of the super popular books like Hunger Games or Divergent, but there is some real science here. The main character, Liddi Jantzen, is the youngest in a family of techno-geniuses. The pressure is on for her to follow in her brothers' footsteps. But she feels like she doesn't have the brain power of her brothers. When they disappear, it is up to Liddi to come to their rescue.

What makes this more"sciencey" than other similar books is the interplanetary setting. I felt the like science and technology was believeable as well. It wasn't fairies and dragons that moved the plot along. The sequel is Stitching Snow.... haven't got to that .... yet.

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