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Monday, September 19, 2016

Game Changer

By Margaret Peterson Haddix
Lexile = 740

Haddix is one of my favorite authors. She tends to take a situation, turn it on its head, and ask, "What if....?" This book is no different; and it addresses an issue that I have been thinking about lately. Sometimes I wonder if there is too much emphasis on sports in schools and with kids in general. Yup, I am a librarian, so I know you aren't surprised. But I have heard parents wonder and worry about their kids getting a sports scholarship to a university when, if the student just got DECENT grades, they would qualify for a scholarship. It seems that at times we have our priorities all messed up. What if it were all the other way?

KT Sutton, a star pitcher on her school AND club teams, wakes up one morning and it IS all the other way. The only "teams" in the school are the math, spelling, and other academic teams. Most kids don't even know about sports.

Haddix definitely has an agenda here.. and it is pretty strong. Easy book to read; likely aimed at younger students, but an interesting take on a real issue.

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