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Monday, September 19, 2016

An Ember in the Ashes

By Sabaa Tahir
Lexile = 680

A student suggested this one.... and asked for the sequel! First: don't be put off by its thickness. Yes, it is not a short read, but it really is a pretty easy read. Think Harry Potter. A big book, but 3rd graders read it! Here's the intro:

Elias is part of an elite force of rather nasty soldiers about to graduate from the Empire's military academy. It is really an awful place....students are punished by the sadistic commandant often to the death. And, oh yeah, that is Elias' MOTHER. She abandoned him at birth and thought he was dead. Anyway, Elias wants out but he knows that will be a death sentence for him.

The other main character is Laia. Her parents led the resistance until they were tortured and killed. She has been raised by her grandparents. Through a set of rather sad circumstances, Laia becomes a slave in the military academy. She is not expected live long; slaves in the academy die quickly.

Well, you can probably guess that Laia and Elias are going to run into each other.... but I won't tell you that much.

This book talks about many violent and repulsive acts. It doesn't describe them graphically. I HATED the bad guys...because of their vile actions. I am sure that is why the author included them. No question who the good guys and bad guys are here.

Watch the book trailer HERE!

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