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Friday, October 6, 2017

Orbiting Jupiter

By Gary D. Schmidt
Lexile = 740

Lots of students really like novels by Gary Schmidt. Perhaps you have read Wednesday Wars or Okay for Now. Orbiting Jupiter tackles some tough issues. Joseph Brook is only in eighth grade, but has recently become a father and has been placed in a foster home. His own father is not a nice guy. The foster family has a boy in sixth grade - Jackson Hurd. I wouldn't say the two boys become friends, but they do "have each other's backs". Joseph does not turn into a perfect boy. In fact, the school principal repeatedly encourages Jack to stay away from Joseph.

Jupiter is the name of the new baby, a girl, who has been placed in the foster care care system and is about to be adopted. Joseph wants very much to find her.

This novel is well-written and although not for everyone, the difficult subject matter is handled well. Readers will hopefully develop a bit more compassion for kids who are orbiting worlds other than those we expect them to. I know I did.


Dawson Richards said...

Dawson Richards 3rd
I really liked this book. I just thought that the ending was super abrupt. They just crash the truck into the river and it was over. I kinda feel bad for Joseph. His dad is a jerk, he cant see his own child, and his partner died in childbirth. I couldnt imagine being a father that young.

Trinitie Smith said...

Trinitie Smith 4th 10/30/17

The book I read was titled Bitten by R.L. Stine.

The book is about 2 teenagers named Destiny and Livvy. They were born in Dark Springs. The story begins with them in summer camp with some of their friends. They hung out with Renz a lot and they had a good time, till Destiny was by a fire one night and Renz asked to talk over in a quiet area. She agreed and they walked away from everyone. The full moon was high in the night sky as Renz leaned in and bit her neck. The only way for Renz to get his Laura back was to drink her blood and have her drink his. She was about to, when someone came and ruined the moment. Destiny went back home with her sister the next day and strange things started to happen to them. They made the conclusion that they were vampires. They wanted to go back to normal… Later in the book they discover that Renz still wants Destiny, but she didn’t know his true intention. They later discovered that their is someone who can restore them. He/she is known as “The Restorer. They wasted no time to find him/her. With no luck their time was running out. They didn’t know what to do. Till the hunters appeared to them. They discovered that they hunted vampire and wanted to kill them. They even discovered that their father and best friends are hunters. Destiny wanted to talk to her father on it. Then she discovered that he is “The Restorer”. He made a serum and gave it to Destiny, but it was too late for Livvy, she became a full vampire and left.

I enjoyed this book greatly. R.L. Stine has been my favorite author since I was a little child. Reading this showed me the other side of him besides the Goosebump series. The one thing that I loved the most about this book is the effort he put in it to make it amazing to read. The one thing I disliked is that you could tell what was going to happen. I like stories that you have to guess everything, not that you can see into the future and know exactly what is going to happen. The book was very great though. It had an amazing story-line and it had an exciting element to it.