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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Missing May

By Cynthia Rylant
Lexile = 980

Re-reading this for the blog was an extra treat for my weekend! I love love love this book!

Summer is "adopted" by May and Ob when she is six-years-old. They have loved Summer and she has been so happy. (That's what I love about this book!)

Talking about May and Ob, Summer says, "I never saw two people love each other so much. Sometimes the tears would just come over me, looking at the two of them, even six years back when I first got here and was too young to be thinking about love."

Now May has died and Ob and Summer have to find a way to go on. Summer says, "All Ob and me wanted to do when we lost May was hold on to each other and wail in that trailer for days and days. But we never go the chance, because just like there are certain ways people expect you to get married, or go to church, or raise kids, there are certain ways people expect you to grieve."

This book is so quotable that I find myself reading it out loud to myself! Our copy in the library has a different cover than the one above, and I like ours better. Here it is:

That picture sums up the book much better than the other cover. This is a quick read that will make you happy and remind you of all the people that love you!

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