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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

North by Night: A Story of the Underground Railroad

By Katherine Ayres
Lexile = 750

My favorite type of book is historical fiction. I like learning some real things while I am enjoying a novel. No surprise then, that I liked this book.

Lucy's family has a tradition of helping escaped slaves get through Ohio and on their way to Canada and freedom. As Lucy gets older, she is more and more involved in the planning of this work. A neighbor has recently been arrested for hiding slaves, so things are getting more and more dangerous. Then the family gets word that a group of slaves is expected. Children and even an expectant mother are in this group.

Lucy is sent to a nearby farm to help prepare the way for the escapees. Here's the twist to this story: Lucy is about to become "betrothed" to a local boy who knows nothing of her beliefs and work with freeing slaves. AND..... there is a very cute Quaker man who is part of the plan to free the slaves.

So..... there is a love triangle involved. And all this history! What could you NOT like about this book?

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