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Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Crooked Kind of Perfect

By Linda Urban
Lexile = 730

Zoe wants a piano. She imagines herself as a great concert pianist. But, her parents buy an organ for her instead. You know: the kind that you set a bouncy undertone and pretty much just play the melody and the organ fills in the rest.

Zoe wants to play REAL piano pieces, but you don't play those on an organ. You play the Greatest Hits of the 70's! when you play an organ. As if her life couldn't be more complicated, her Dad doesn't leave the house. The author never says it, but it seems that Zoe's Dad is agoraphobic, which means he just needs to be in familiar surroundings or he get really panicky.

Zoe struggles with friends, boys, and her crazy family. This book might seem a bit young for you. The chapters are short and very quick to read. It's just that the characters (and their interests and issues) and more middle-schoolish. But if you need a quick read......

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