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Friday, August 11, 2017

Lucky in Love

By Kasie West
Lexile = 520

I have "upped" our Kasie West offerings in the Ridgeline Library lately. West writes sweet, clean romances. So, if you are looking for sweet love, WEST is the direction you want to go. (super clever pun there....)

Lucky in Love is West's newest novel. I have seen a lot of buzz online about the romantic interest of the main character being Asian. Maddie meets Seth Nguyen at work. It isn't immediate romance, but they are friends. Maddie's family is struggling. Her older brother is aimless and it appears that her parents are always fighting. Then, Maddie's best friends kind of forget her birthday. She is alone and feeling very unlucky on her 18th birthday. On a whim, she buys a lottery ticket and.... well you can guess the rest.

Now that she is a millionaire, Maddie has to decide who her real friends are. And she keeps the truth from Seth ... at least she knows that when he is nice to her, it isn't about the money.

Lucky in Love is a simple, quick read. (Note Lexile level) You won't use this author as the basis for your college essays, but we all need a fun read every now and then.

Watch an author talk HERE for a quick synopsis of many of Kasie West's books!

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