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Friday, July 14, 2017

The Crossover

By Kwame Alexander
Lexile = 750

Josh and Jordan are twins... sons of basketball legend "Da Man" and although they are only in middle school, they are basketball stars on their way up. But things are changing. Their Dad is having symptoms of heart problems and Jordan seems more interested in the new girl in school than in basketball some days.

The Crossover is told in verse, which I have said before seems like a lazy, albeit trendy way to tell a story. I think that the verse may turn readers off, especially readers that would most like this fast-paced sports novel. Just read the words and don't focus on the way they look on the page.

Loved the Mom and Dad in this. Interspersed throughout are the Father's "Basketball Rules". It's a family that really loves and cares for each other. And for Christmas, they give their boys BOOKS!

Watch the author read from his work HERE. An ad pops up first.... sorry.

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