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Thursday, September 29, 2016


By J. Nelle Patrick (pseudonym of Jackson Pearce)
Lexile = Not yet?

Do you know the story of the Romanovs and the Russian Revolution? Did you ever see the animated movie of Anatasia?
All star cast, great music, a real keeper! Anyway, did you know that the story of Anatasia is TRUE???? Her tragic story has been told many many times, and this novel by J. Nelle Patrick is perhaps another attempt to reveal the truth.

Patrick's story doesn't actually focus on the youngest princess of the Romanov family, but on the "girlfriend" (?) of the Romanov Prince. As the revolution begins, the Romanovs are captured, but they have left behind a magical Faberge Egg.
Yes, magical. It has the power to protect the Romanov family. But, it seems that the egg has fallen into the hands of the mystics, or perhaps the "Reds" -- those behind the overthrow of the Romanovs. The egg is missing all because of the Natalya, who couldn't keep her mouth shut after Alexei Romanov showed her the Constellation Egg AND its super secret hiding place.

Can't tell you more; don't want to give it all away. But, if you want to read the REAL story of the Romanovs, we also have this book in the library:
The story of the Romanovs has captured the imagination of history buffs and conspiracy theorists for decades. These are great reads!

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