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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tiger's Curse

By Colleen Houck
Lexile = 800

I thought at first that the cover of this book didn't match the actual book. Once I got into the book, I guess that it does. However. When Tiger's Curse was recommended to me, I saw a big fat book that looked "fantasyish". I suppose that is true, but Tiger's Curse is a.... wait for it.... romance! A really smushy gushy romance. I had to add a romance tag for this book!

The story begins in India... a long, long time ago. A curse is placed on an Indian Prince. The curse turns him into a tiger. On page five we jump ahead to modern times. Kelsey, an eighteen year old girl living in Oregon, gets a temporary job with a small circus. Part of her duties include feeding the beautiful white tiger owned by the zoo. Do you know where this is headed?

We find out that Kelsey is the chosen one: chosen to break the ancient curse. Kelsey and the tiger take off on an exciting adventure through India that involves eight-armed goddesses, ravaging monkey statues, and a cobra that turns into a bracelet! This reads like an Indiana Jones Adventure. Volume one is a hefty 402 pages, but it is a fast read. Maybe too fast.... I never really felt that Kelsey was in real danger. And the whole tiger/man thing is treated matter-of-factly. It is all too easy, I guess.

This novel is more romance than I expected. Lots of kissing. Lots. Not inappropriate, but know that going in. Fans of the Twilight Series will like this. I think I already know who the "other" man will be in the love triangle. And perhaps that is why I don't LOVE this book. It is rather predictable. I might read the other volumes in the series, but I don't think I need to.


Natalie Smith said...

I loved the Tiger's Curse!! I loved that Kelsey was a strong, yet compassionate character all throughout the book. I really liked that she had to break the curse that was set in stone many years before. I didn't really like the ending, but I guess that is motivation to read the next three books!

Adisyn Brown said...

The book was super enjoyable. I thought that Kelsey was kind of an annoying character and the I didn't like the ending.