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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Moon Over Manifest

By Clare Vanderpool
Lexile = 800

I originally read and reviewed this book more than SIX years ago! We just received a donated copy in the library, so I am updating the review now. Although it is aimed at younger readers, it is definitely worth YOUR time!

Here's the new Newbery... just unveiled last week and I read it over the week end. Here's the story:

It is 1936. Abilene has been raised by her father, Gideon Tucker. He is a wanderer, going from place to place by jumping onto cargo trains. Abilene has learned the ways of these men, but Gideon has decided that she is too old for this type of life. He makes arrangements to send Abilene to the little Kansas town of Manifest. Gideon spent some time there as a kid. Abliene will stay with Shady in a house that is part church, part saloon, and a bit of a house.

Since Abilene has moved around a lot in her little life, she knows that she will moving on again soon. All she needs to do is wait for her dad to come back and get her. In the mean time, she discovers a box of treasures. Who left them and what they mean she doesn't know .... until.... Abilene meets Miss Sadie, the town fortune teller. Sadie seems to know a LOT about a LOT of the town's history.

This book flashes back and forth between 1918 and 1936. That makes it a bit hard to follow. And I don't know much about my history from either of those times. Manifest is based on a real town: Frontenac, Kansas. There is a little part at the back of the book that separates all the fact from the historical fiction of this book. (That was my favorite part!)

Watch a quick book trailer HERE.

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