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Friday, January 14, 2011

Jacob's Rescue: A Holocaust Story

By Malka Drucker and Michael Halperin
Lexile = 680

This book sits in our fiction section, but it just as well could be in our biography section. Yup. This is a true story of survival during World War II of two little brothers that were sheltered by a Christian Polish family.

I love stories about World War II and this is just made that much better by the photos at the back showing the real people behind the story. Here is an actual picture of the heroes behind Jacob's Rescue:

At enormous risk to themselves, the Rosens took Jacob, a young Jewish boy, into their home in Poland during the time when Jews were being rounded up and sent to die in concentration camps. There were times that Mela, the mother, didn't want to risk her own family to save just one boy. But the father, Alex, had promised little Jacob that he would be safe with them.

Later, Jacob's brothers join the family as well. There are many World War II stories available to kids. This is one of the best.... and it's true!

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