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Friday, April 28, 2017

Two Old Women

By Velma Wallis
Lexile - 1030

Another title that I am quite surprised by the Lexile level! This is a rather straightforward and simple retelling of an old Alaskan legend. I would suggest that this 136 page novel would be appropriate for a 7th grade classroom. Perhaps thematically it is a bit more complex.

The two old women are named Chickadee and Star. Their native names are, of course, not that simple, but in my head I went with the English equivalents. Anyway, during a particularly hard winter, these two women are abandoned and left to die by their tribe. The old ones cannot keep up with the rest and are not providing any help to the group. According to stories told in the group, this has been done before.

So, the tribe moves on and the women must decide how to face certain death. They are braver and stronger than anyone knows, even themselves.

I typically do not like Native American tales, but I enjoyed this quick read and it gave me some subjects to ponder.

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brooke said...

I love this book, my mom and I read it together when my grandmother gave it to us. I love how it teaches you no matter how old you are you can make it!