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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

100 Days

By Nicole McInnes
Lexile = 850

Progeria is a rare disease that causes your body to grow old quickly. You get hardening of the arteries, heart issues, joints and bones like an old person...every physical issue that a very old person might have. And then you die from old age. I have seen news stories about this condition.

100 days details the last 100 days of a Agnes, a high school girl with Progeria. Since elementary school, Agnes has been best friends with Moira, who also acts as her defender and body guard when necessary. Other kids don't really tease Agnes, but they are unkind to Moira, who is big and is currently on a "goth" phase of her life.

But even with all that drama, 100 days is a pretty typical high school book. There's a bit of romance, a dysfunctional family, and a skinny-dipping scene. I called it "redemptive" when I started it.... bad guys turn good. Situations at home improve. This is a sweet, sad read.

Watch a short video about progeria HERE.

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