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Sunday, June 19, 2016

full ride

By Margaret Peterson Haddix
Lexile = 800

"What if everything that's shiny and gleaming and beautiful has something nasty and disgusting and evil at its core?"

I knew a girl in junior high whose dad got in some type of financial trouble. Shannon came to school all distraught one day saying that her dad had been arrested. I guess he had cheated some investors or something. I never got the whole story, but it was big news for a while. Shannon moved shortly thereafter. I don't know the end of her story.

This novel by one of my favorite authors appears to be a very similar story. Becca's father is sent to prison for embezzlement. His much-publicized excuse for his crimes is, "How else is a guy like me going to pay for college for his daughter?" So Becca is placed firmly as the reason for her father's crimes. She and her mother escape and start new in a different state. Years pass. As a senior, Becca begins to plan for college. But she finds that she can't apply for schools and financial aid without disclosing who she really is. As Becca finds ways to chase her college dreams, she discovers truths about herself and her father.

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Abbie Kotter said...

Becca Jones was a normal teenager until her father, Roger Jones, was convicted of terrible financial crimes. As Becca’s father is being sent to prison, her and her mother Susan go into hiding. They stay in secrecy for three years. Throughout her high school experience, Becca lives her life hiding and keeping secrets. She even lies to cover her true identiy. During Becca’s senior year, however, she realizes that she wants to apply for college. She does her best to keep from exposing herself and her mom. While she is applying for a scholarship, Becca’s life quickly turns into an adventure and she begins to discover some of the truth about her father. She also learns a lot about herself.
This book is very interesting. I was never bored while reading it. It made me wonder what I would do if I was Becca. The story always kept me guessing about what was going to come next. Full-ride is an exhillerating mystery!