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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Ruins of Gorlan

By John Flanagan
Lexile = 920

The Ranger's Apprentice Series is pretty popular among a certain type of boy reader in our school. I have avoided it to this point because it's not really my type (I thought) and I figured that "those boys" that like these types of books will find Ranger on their own.

Well. The series was recommended to me by my sister, whose opinion in books I value AND I know that other teachers are fans. Perhaps I was missing something. Yup. I picked up book one yesterday and finished it today! Here's the story:

Will only knows that his father was a hero and that after his death, his mother died as well. He was raised with other orphans in the castle. When the orphans turn 15, they are offered out to the craftsmen of the village as apprentices. Will is small, so the battleschool doesn't want him, much to his disappointment. No one else calls for him, either. Finally, a hooded stranger comes forward and gives a note to the baron. The meeting ends with Will not knowing where his future lies.

That night, he sneaks into the baron's office to see the note. He is caught before he can read it.... and so the adventure begins.

Once again, I can't tell you anymore without giving too much away. This book claims to be like Lord of the Rings and King Arthur. I think it is like The Hero and the Crown, one of my favorites. Let's just say I'm going to get book two in the series started today!

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