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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goodnight Mr. Tom

By Michelle Magorian
Lexile = 760

Although this book is labeled as fourth grade for AR, don't be deceived.... it is much harder than that! Mr. Tom may not have too many hard words, but the maturity level required for this book is beyond fourth grade.

Mr. Tom is set is pre-World War II England. At this time, children from London are being "evacuated" to the country side in case London is bombed (which it eventually is...)

Thomas Oakley is a single, older man in the village who agrees to take one of these young boys into his home. The boy he gets has been abused by his mother back in London. The story is all about how these two unlikely characters learn to trust each other.

Eventually, little William is sent back to London to be with his mother.... not a good thing!

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