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Thursday, April 27, 2017

JENKS Reviews

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Anonymous said...

Wyatt Pickett
I AM The Mission
BY Allen Zadoff

This is book 2 of the unknown assassin series. It was even better then the first. This time around he starts to question if he should really be in the "program" so he runs away but is quickly returned and sent on a new assignment. He is assigned to kill a commander at a military camp. As he continues to struggle he learns something extra interesting and changes. Extremely good book.

Anonymous said...

Abigail Heinsohn
Witch Song - Amber Argyle
This book is about a young witch who has been left by her mother to fight another witch. Throughout the book, the main character, Senna, learns that her mother and some others have been captured. So, she has to go hunt down her mother to help save her and the others. She encounters many obstacles along the way, and she also learns who can be trusted and who cannot.

Anonymous said...

Matthew Ensign
Airman- Eoin Colfer
Airman is a book about a kid who wrongfully gets put into a prison on an island after being accused of murder. This story is about how he escapes from there and avenges the death of the person killed. This is a good book with some action and adventure in it.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Bandley
Ranger's Apprentice Book 3: The Icebound Land - John Flanagan
The 3rd book in the Ranger's Apprentice series is about Will and Halt who have been separated after a battle. Will has been taken captive with Evanlyn, the King's daughter, by a group of Sea Men led by Erak. Halt has forsaken his oaths as a Ranger and has gone after Will with Horace, a knight-in-training. This book is really good and combines the stories in a way that is really interesting.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Lacey
1st hour
Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

This is the first book in the Percy Jackson series written by Rick Riordan. Percy Jackson is a demigod, the son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. He goes to a camp where other sons and daughters of Greek gods are training to survive in real life situations where they might encounter monsters and demons of ancient Greek mythology, and discovers who he is. Percy then learns that Zeus, the god of the sky, thinks that he stole Zeus' master thunderbolt, a weapon of unthinkable power and destruction. Percy, along with his new friends, must prove his innocence, and find the real culprit. This is a very fun book to read. It is fun to see how the Greek gods might act in today's modern world. It is a book full of humor, action, and finding ones self.

Me said...

Connor Miller
My Side Of The Mountain
By: Gary

The book my side of the mountain was a book written off the end of the book hatchet in a way as if the boy had not been saved after his horrific plane crash that had left him stranded in the middle of the woods in Canada. It tells about how the boy would have had to survive throughout the long frigid canadian winter.if you thought the first book had you on the edge of your seat get this book in your hands and stay along for the thrill of the outdoors.

Anonymous said...

Jayse Johnson
The Hobbit
By J.R.R Tolkien
This book is about a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins who would like to just live a peaceful and quiet life. However when a wizard shows up one day with some dwarves, his life seems to get a lot more hectic. He learns that everyone, no matter who they are can do great things to change the world. He ends up going through many hardships, he eventually ends up in a very undesirable situation, should he betray his closest friends to help them see clearly?

Anonymous said...

Easton Ewer
Above the Line
By: Urban Meyer
In this book Urban Meyer, the current head football coach at Ohio State University, writes about their historic 2014 championship season in extreme detail. He provides insight on the hardships that were overcome and the lessons that were learned. Coach Meyer gives real life examples of leadership skills that apply far beyond just football. This is a great inspirational book built around Urban’s belief and trust in a concept he calls Above the Line behavior - an empowered response to everyday events. I really enjoyed this book because of the lessons that it provides and the stories that it contains.

Anonymous said...

Decker Robison 1st Hour
The Book Thief - By Markus Zusak
The Book thief is about a girl named Liesel Meminger who lives with her adopted parents in a part of Munich, Germany around World War II. Some of the main characters are her adopted parents Hans and Rosa Hubermann and her next door neighbor Rudy Steiner. Some of the experiences they face are the Nazi Party, hunger, hiding of a jew in their basement, and Liesel's extreme fascination with books.
I really liked this book. It was a very clear and enjoyable book. It is narrated by Death which gives a very interesting point of view. It is a little long, but there isn't a dull moment. It is a pretty easy read. I would recommend this book to anyone, but especially to those who like learning about the Holocaust and World War II.

Anonymous said...

Cassie Wilker
1st Hour
Marley - A Dog Like No Other
By John Grogan
This book is based around the movie "Marley & Me." It tells the story of a young man, John Grogan as he starts to form his family with his wife Jenny. John is a newspaper editor and has always loved dogs since his childhood when he had the best and most loyal dog ever. John and Jenny decide that it is time to start their family with a new puppy. They go to pick out their puppy and struggle to pick one. However, there is one puppy that is just so energetic and set apart from the rest with his goofiness. They decide to take him and find out that because of his weirdness from the bunch, he is a discounted sale. From then on, they call him "Clearance Puppy." The couple has many crazy times with Marley during his youthful years and gets into lots of trouble, causing the family to wonder if they really made the right decision. John and Jenny bring three children into the world named Patrick, Conor, and Colleen. The children grow to love Marley and play with him most everyday. With John's hectic job, he is forced to relocate many times in a short amount of years. He brings along with him his family and his faithful dog Marley. Marley just won't behave like normal dogs. To fix some of these habits, Marley is taken to obedience school, which does no help! Jenny and John are constantly trying to live a calm and normal life, but Marley wants something different. As the years go by, Marley and the kids are all getting older, and John notices that Marley makes some major changes and is slowing down from the way he used to be. And after thirteen years of loyalty and craziness, Marley passes away. In this book, John reflects on the funny times he shared with Marley, but also all the valuable lessons that he taught him. This book is a tear jerker near the end, but it is a great story that tells the loyalty of animals when we don't realize their feelings.

anonymous said...

Allie Zollinger
1st hour
2nd book review
A walk to remember
By: Nicholas Sparks

A Walk To Remember is on of the most well known and commonly read romantic novels, and now i see why. Us as a population loves how Nicholas in captures the true feeling it is almost as if we are feeling what they are feeling, he makes us feel like we are inside the book walking in the shadows of the main characters. We all that they see we feel what they feel. Although we do not feel like we are walking in real life, its to dramatic yet romantic to be true. But this book does make you dream of all that your life could be. Why is it that Nicholas cannot come up with a happy ending that does not leave you unsettled, why are we so interested to read his book if we know how they are going to end. I don't know, he somehow is the only author that can get away with a depressing ending and still bring the readers back for more. despite the endings all of his books especially The walk to remember are totally worth the read. Walk to remember or read to remember?

Jinjer Smith said...

Jinjer Smith
1st hour
Out Of My Mind

Out Of My Mind is a wonderful story about a young girl with cerebral palsy. This limits most of her physical abilities. Keyword: physical. Melody is one of the smartest kids in school, but there is no way for her to show it. She cannot walk or talk, feed herself, or take herself to the bathroom. Melody is almost in love with words although she has never even said one. If frustrates her that she has so much to say but no one can hear her. She is so smart and yet no one knows just how smart she really is. This is until her parents purchase a voice computer. Hundreds of words and phrases can be typed in and saved for when Melody needs it. She uses her one thumb to add new phrases to her computer (which she named Elvira) constantly. With this new device, Melody is able to show the world how smart she really is. At her school, there is a competition team of the smartest students who compete against other teams to win regional and national championships. Everyone is surprised when Melody gets every single question right on the practice exam. She is selected to be on the team and does very well in the region competition. In fact, they won! Their next competition would be held in Washington D.C.. Unfortunately, because of a horrible offense, Melody is left behind. As Melody faces struggles of not saying what she has in her mind, she also finds herself being mistreated by other classmates. Melody overcomes her adversities and doesn't let them stop her from being the best that she can be. Without saying a word. Definitely a touching book to change perspectives on how our society looks at people with disabilities! What a wonderful story!

Anonymous said...

Abby Dalton
The Glass Castle
By: Jeannette Walls
The Glass Castle is a memoir of Jeannette Walls's life. Her parents didn't believe in a normal, or necessarily modern life. They moved from tiny town to the next when they were either bored with their current situation or they were out of money. Her mom, Rose Mary, didn't want to provide for her family as she would rather paint. Her dad was usually drunk, but when he wasn't he was a great dad and teacher. He taught them about the earth, the stars, and how to truly live. However, soon money ran out so they went back to her dad's home town-a small mining town in West Virginia. They stayed there longer than anywhere else and they became stuck. Her dad stole, was constantly drunk, and life was terrible. This is a beautiful story. Jeannette Walls tells the story of her life and how she overcame all situations. She writes with love towards her parents and the life they provided. I would recommend this book.

Anonymous said...

Mallory Hansen
Heaven is Here
By: Stephanie Nielson
Heaven is here, is a book that is wrote about Stephanie's life before she was married and what had happened when she got married. Stephanie and her husband got in a terrible plane crash and that had burned 80% of her body. Luckily they had both survived but it was with a long recovery process. Half of her face was burned off and she doesn't look the same as she used to and she is sad about that. She talks about how she becomes a better mother to her five kids, motherhood was a big hit in this book! In the end she realizes the miracles that have happened and how happy she is now! I really like this book! Reading about Stephanie's life and what she went through makes me realize things happen, but in the end there is always another way out that isn't so bad.

Anonymous said...

The Pulse
By Patrick Carman
Really good plot to it. The book takes place in 2051. Really the beginning of the book is like the Hunger Games on steroids. The main character Faith Daniels is a unique one. She’s a teenager trying to find her way through life with her best friend Liz in a desolate setting separated by the states. There are two states and the western state is the desolate one and the eastern state is the modern and more comfortable one to live in. Eventually Faith figures out that she has the “Pulse” which is the ability to move things with her mind. Her enemies are called Drifters, pretty much social outcasts of the world and they cause a series of problems for her throughout the book. I would recommend it to as many people as possible.

Anonymous said...

Makaylee Tenhoeve
Baked Alaska
By:Josi S. Kilpack

Baked Alaska is a mystery book with all kind of secrets. Sadie Hoffmiller and her two kids, Shawn and Breanna, decide to take a vacation to the Alaskan wilderness with Breanna's boyfriend, Pete. All of them were very excited to spend time with each other, and Sadie was excited to help Breanna plan the wedding. Everything is going great and the expectations for this trip is high. As they got on the boat, Shawn recognized a mysterious women on the boat. Shawn knew the women but would not talk about her. As they avoided the weird conversation with Shawn they decided to eat. Standing in the buffet line another passenger unexpectedly died. This could have been the perfect vacation but Sadie knows better. Between trying to solve the death, figuring out Shawn's connection to the mysterious lady, and wondering why Pete's mom is trying to hijack the wedding, Sadie has her hands full. I love this book because of the mystery of it. I am a big fan of Josie Kilpack. I have read many of her other books including Lemon Tart, English Trifle, and Devil's Food Cake. All of her books have something about them that keeps you on the edge of your seat. That's one thing I love about her books. I would definitely recommend this book.

Anonymous said...

Trevor Woffinden
by Marie Lu

This book is about america specifically, Los Angeles. There are two colonies the Republic and the Colonies. The so called rebel group called the patriots are trying to fight the republic for all they are worth. However Day and June two teens from opposites sides of the Government, meet. Metias, June's older brother is killed in a random hospital bombing. Day becomes one of the most wanted criminals in the country. Day became a fugitive and who was sent to find this fugitive, June. She was ordered to go and hunt down Day and expose of him. Day hated the Republic and was living on the streets. Day however saves June from a knife attack and they fall madly in love with one another. June doesn't know that this is Day though. June finds out that it is Day though and reports him. Day gets captured and taken. He is scheduled to be executed, but June becomes more drawn to Day and rescues him. Someone else is killed in his place.

Anonymous said...

Joshua Forbush

“Code Talker”
by Joseph Bruchac

Code Talker is the story of a Navajo boy named Ned Begay who joins the US Marines during World War ll. In his younger years he was sent to a boarding school to learn about and speak the language of white men. A year or two later the USA joins the war against the Axis Power and invites Navajo men who can speak both Navajo & English to join the fight. Ned quickly joined the Marines when he came of age and went through training camp easily along with his fellow Navajos. However, after training they weren’t sent to fight the Japanese right away. They were sent to a special camp to learn a new code based on their difficult language. With this code they made a large impact in the war with their unbreakable code.
It was a great book talking about the pride the Navajos had after having such an important responsibility especially with the way white people treat them. The Navajos displayed a lot of courage and strength during the world and many turned out to be better soldiers than the white men due to their living conditions in the desert.

Anonymous said...

Zoe Giles
1st hour
The Gathering
By: Kelley Armstrong

This is the first book in “Darkness Rising” trilogy. In this book, the main character, Maya tells the story of her and her friends and her life in Salmon Creek. It is a very reserved and private town, that is owned by a family of doctors. Maya helps animals get better than rehomed. Maya has many many encounters with cougars, and tries to figure out where they came from and why they are seeking her help. She gives all the animals she meets a name. Little does she know that Salmon Creek is hiding something. When a new family moves in, Maya is determined to figure out what is unusual about her hometown. I loved this book and can’t wait to read the others in the series as well as the other books by Kelley Armstrong. She is a great author who knows how to grab attention. There was never a dull moment in this book for me. It was full of adventure, horror, paranormal, and romance.

Anonymous said...

Garrett Lane 1st Hour

"The Boy Who Dared": By Susan Campbell Bartoletti

This story takes place in Germany, right after the first World War, and where Adolf Hitler rises to power. Helmuth Hübener; the main character, is a German schoolboy with the propaganda of the nazi's even Nazi youth in his classroom, who shows somewhat un-honest patriotism to it. He lives with his Mutti, (mother), his two brothers and his Oma and Opa (Grandma and Grandpa), in the flat next to them. Later on, his Mutti meets a man named Hugo who marries her and is a very patriotic German. In the story, he doesn't seem to make a race such as the Jews less of him, so he speaks out. He defends them and is in trouble for doing so. During so, Hitler has announced war on Poland, and after the allies soon defend Poland and chaos is set ablaze. Later him, his friends and other rebels are caught and arrested by the Gestapo. Then charged for treason against his country. I don't want to give away too much, so I recommend you read this for yourself. This is a great book.

Anonymous said...

Jacob Lee 1st
The Secret War by Matt Myklusch

This book is way good. If you don't read the first book none of it will make sense. In the story Jack Blank is a super hero in training. He is part
Rustov. He lives in the Imagine Nation. Little does everyone know the Rustov have a virus in some of the Mecha people. Jack has to find a way to stop them. This book can be kind of hard to get into. It starts off really slow. Then once you gt into it you won't want to stop. It has twist and turns and things that you won't ever expect. There are different worlds of sorts and it is way creative. It is by far one of my favorite books. I think everyone who likes action, adventure, and mysteries should read this book.

Anonymous said...

Meghan Kendrick 1st Hour
The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
The Notebook is a love story about two teens. Allie and Noah fall in love over a summer but Allie’s parents do not want her to be with Noah. Noah and Allie break up and Noah is called to serve in the second world war. In order to please her parents, Allie becomes engaged to another man. Noah finds Allie when he comes home and they get back together. They get married and years later Allie is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Every time Noah reads their love story Allie remembers him and their love. This was a great book and I would definitely recommend reading it.

Anonymous said...

Katelyn Everton 1st hour
Michael Vey: The Fall of Hades by Richard Paul Evans
This is the sixth book in the Michael Vey series. Michael Vey is a teenager that is able to control electricity in many ways. He is in a group with his friends that are also like him. Together they are trying to stop their enemies, the Elgen, so they don't take over. In this book, their mission is to capture basically a bank, called the Joule, that has all of the Elgen's money on it. Along the way, they make new friends, and get help from unexpected allies. Some of his good friends get killed, but they steal the Joule. The ending is unexpected and I liked the book. I recommend reading this series.

Anonymous said...

Katie Schwab
1st hour
"A Sister to Honor"

Afia Satar is enrolled in an American college and dreams of becoming a doctor. Her brother, Shahid, promised to watch over and protect her whilst they were in the States. When a picture is uploaded unto the college website of Afia holding an American guys hand, she is confronted by her brother and no longer feels safe from her family. Shahid never imagined the trouble that could accure with a sister to honor.

Anonymous said...

Dallin Thomas 1st hour
The Hangman's Revolution
By Eoin Colfer

This was a great sequel to The Reluctant Assassin. Although the begining seemed slow and confusing, it became a lot more interesting and started to more sense. In this sequel it is Chevie's turn to go through the wormhole, and when she emerges she is surprised to find that she is back in Victorian London in 1899. As she arrives she realizes that she has been living in an alternate timeline in which some people from the future have teleported back and began altering the past to shape the future for their benefit. Her and her friend Riley (who she met on their last adventure) save the day by stopping the so called "colonial box" and his quest for world domination. I highly recommend this book to anyone with the time to read it. It was a great read and I'm glad I had the opportunity to read it.

Anonymous said...

Justin McKee
The Invaders

In the book Brotherband The Invaders, a boy named Hal is on the run. Hal is a creative, smart boy who is a natural leader. Accompanying Hal on his journey is his best friend Stig, the rest of his small group of friends, and Thorne, an excellent warrior who caught with Hal's late father. As runaways from their small village, Hal and his crew sail in search for Zavok, a notorious pirate who has stolen the most valuable possession of Hal's village. While doing this, Hal and his friends encounter Lidia, a tough, independent girl whose village was attacked by Zavok. Together, they try and find a solution to their problems and defeat Zavok and his crew of pirates.
I enjoyed this book because it has action, adventure, and excitement that keeps you looking forward to the next page. The flow of the book and writing style are also good. They describe what's happening in the book that it paints a vivid picture in the reader's mind, but not so much that the book is long and boring. I would definitely recommend this second book in the series along with the first.

Anonymous said...

McKennah Hewitt
1st Hour

I read "Wonder" by R.J. Palacio. This book is about a boy named August who was born with a severe facial deformity. Because of this, he has to go through constant medical procedures and surgeries. His parents decided that because of all of these struggles, it would be best for August to be home-schooled. When he turns ten, things change. His parents begin to realize that August needs to go to public school, not only to give him a more full education, but to teach him how to navigate in the real world. As can be expected, it is an extremely hard adjustment for August to make. Kids are very cruel and do not accept him for who he is in any way. The principal of his new school assigns three kids to show August around and be kind, but only one of them genuinely cares about him. One of these kids, Julian, is flat out mean from the beginning. Eventually August does make some good friends, but even then, they have a hard time always standing up for their disabled companion. There are especially problems with August's friend named Jack. Overall, this is a very good book and I loved every part of it. It shows how ever word you say and action you do affects people and what they feel about themselves. It was a very well-written book that shows the true feelings of August, a boy that makes people afraid when they look at him. He has a well-balanced mixture of internal and external conflicts that really add to the emotion of the story. It is defiantly one everybody should read!

Anonymous said...

Bryson Hansen
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Katniss Everdeen has won the 74th year of the Hunger Games along with Peeta Melark. She won against all odds because she is from one of the outer Districts (number twelve to be exact). Now Katniss must get through the Victory Tour that goes through every district to honor the fallen tributes. At the ending of the Victory Tour the president makes an announcement that changes Katniss's life forever.
I really liked this book because it continues the story really well even though this is the second book. Katniss doesn't stay the same character the whole story she changes into a broken but strong person.

Anonymous said...

Junior Damuni
1st Hour

Through my Eyes
Tim Tebow

This book is about legendary college football quarterback Tim Tebow. He was one of the best to ever play. This is the story of his life and how he went on to win the Florida Gators the 2011 National Championship Trophy. The book started out at the Heisman Award Show. In this part of the book, Tebow explains how he didn't win the Heisman and how disappointed he was.

During his last season, they did very well. They would crush teams and at one point seemed unstoppable. Until they finally lost to Ole Miss 31-30.
Tebow and the whole team were dedicated and really wanted an undefeated season. That night he made a promise to everyone that you would never see a player work as hard as he will and that you will never see a player push his team as hard as he will for the rest of the season. He promised the Florida Gators they would win the National Championship.

They never lost after that. They completely crushed teams over and over, week after week. They went on to win the National Championship and Tebow kept his promise.

He is also a big church and Religious guy. He talks about his humanitarian trips he used to take and how much God has helped him. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes sports. Its a great book!