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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

HENDRICKS Classic Reviews

Write an interesting paragraph about the first 100 pages of your classic novel. Identify the book and the author. Your paragraph should have a brief plot summary (so far), information about the characters, and your overall impression of the novel. Also include your name.

Write a second paragraph telling if you have decided to continue with this book. Be specific about what you read in the first 100 pages that influenced your decision either way.

Please post your paragraphs as a comment on this blog post (below). You may want to create your post as a google doc first; then paste and post it so it doesn't get lost in the cybersphere!


Anonymous said...

I love this book, It's great! McKayla Vincent Hendricks 1st hour

Anonymous said...

I totally HATED my book. It was so dry and boring! No one should EVER read this book upon pain of death. I most definitely stopped at 100 and not a letter more!
Cassie Hendricks
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
4th hour

Anonymous said...

    I read the book Gulliver’s Travels by  Jonathan Swift. In this book a Ship Doctor named Gulliver washes up on an island filled with little people after his ship sinks. He wakes up tied down by the little people of Lilliput and tries to win their trust so they will give him his freedom. He eventually earns a little freedom and is able to move around will minimal freedom only after, of course swearing an oath binding him to the King of Lilliput. The king uses Gulliver to fight against the Empire of Blefuscu and to force a peace between the two countries. One of the princes awards Gulliver a title of nobility in honor of his fight against the Blefuscu. Some time later Gulliver is woken in the night by the people of Lilliput because the castle is on fire. Having no other means on hand Gulliver uses his urine to put out the fire. One of the nobility of Lilliput accuses Gulliver of High Treason (apparently peeing in the castle grounds is sufficient cause for the death sentence) the king, considering himself merciful proposed that instead of death they would merely blind Gulliver. Gulliver in fear of his life and his sight flees to Blefuscu where he finds a human sized boat washed up on the shore he repairs it and sails away from Lilliput and Blefuscu and is rescued by a passing boat. Those were the major events of the first hundred pages.
I will not continue reading this book. The first hundred pages actually end the story in a satisfactory manner also, I find that I lack any real connection with the characters in the story and the events seem few and far between. I also had a hard time understanding the author’s meaning at some points in the story and overall it's not the type of story I would willingly read anyway.

Erik Benson
Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift
Hendricks 4th hour

Fall Woods said...

I read Fahrenheit 451. In the first 100 pages a fireman named Guy Montag. In this futuristic society, firemen burn books instead of putting out fires. Montag meets a girl named Clarisse McClellan. Clarisse is different than any other person he has ever met. She walks around in the evenings and has conversations with him. She makes him realize that he doesn’t have a strong relationship with his wife, and that their 3 wall to wall televisions and his wife’s Seashells (basically bluetooth earphones) are getting in the way. He starts saving books from the houses he goes into, and wants to read them so he can learn how to be like Clarisse. Clarisse is hit by a car, but he doesn’t find out for 4 days. Eventually the fire chief starts to suspect that Montag is saving books, and Montag begins to get paranoid and frustrated with his society.

I finished the book because it was really interesting, and I wanted to see what happened to Montag. I also hoped that Montag would be able to change the world and show everyone how amazing books are, even if they don’t always agree with each other, or if what is inside of them is made up. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.

Autumn Wood
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
Hendricks 1st hour.

Anonymous said...

I read the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseneini. It starts in a Kabul, Afghanistan in the early 70s. It is about a young boy named Amir, born to a prominent wealthy family, and his servant and best friend Hassan, who is a Hazara: a disliked ethnic minority group in Kabul. Amir and Hassan grow up together and have many adventures together, including kite fighting. Amir longs for the love and approval of his father, Baba. After some bad things happen, their lives are never the same and they grow distant from each other. Hassan and his father Ali, who have served Amir's family for their entire lives, decide to leave. Five years later, Amir and his father Baba, flee to America when the Soviets take over Afghanistan.

I decided to keep reading this book because I really enjoyed reading the first one hundred pages. It is quality work. It explores all kinds of tensions in relationships: Fathers and sons, best friends, rich and poor, hostile ethnic groups, and different social backgrounds. It also brings some perspective on the historic plight of the Middle East, both with their ethnic conflicts, and with the Soviet and Taliban control. It is a very powerful book and carries a heavy message. It does contain some serious content and darker themes, but I still believe it's worth reading. I would not recommend the book to everyone. But this would be a great read for many.

Luke Andersen
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
Hendricks 4th hour

Anonymous said...

I read a book without a title. It was a compilation of many books by Jack London. The first 100 pages were the book called "Call of the Wild". This story was pretty interesting, but I wish I had known that the main character was a dog. Not that I have anything against dogs, but Mrs. Odd compared this book to Hatchet, and this was not what I was expecting. The dog was named Buck and he lived during the time period of a gold rush. Many people were rushing to the Yukon to try to find a fortune. Thus, there was a large demand for big, hairy dogs who can pull sleds. Buck was unfortunate and a servant of the home was in debt to gangsters. This servant decided to repay his debt by stealing Buck and selling him. And thus the story began.

I actually already read this whole book. The beginning was a little slow, but the author was very descriptive about throughout the whole story. One reason why I read this whole story was because I am a perfectionist and it would haunt me the rest of my days if I did not finish it. Also the story was very interesting and captivating. I would recommend for people who like to read slowly and absorb every detail.

Jake Flammer
Jack London's Book
Hendrick's 4th